The outdoor drainage system for your house is important to protect your home during rainstorms. Storm drains collect the runoff water that would otherwise enter your home and lead to serious structural damage and destruction of your property.

However, you cannot expect a storm drain to always be ready to do its job. Just like any drain inside a home, outdoor drains can become clogged and ineffective over time. You need to have regular maintenance from a professional plumber to make sure that your storm drains are in good condition and not a threat to your home or the local water supply. To schedule maintenance for your storm drains, call BZ Dependable Plumbing & Heating, Inc. and talk to our professionals who are familiar with outdoor drainage in Hillsdale, NJ. We can provide the storm drain service you need to shield your home from the dangers of storms and flooding.

The importance of storm drain maintenance

The runoff water from a storm contains more than simply water; if you’ve ever watched water from flooding go down into a storm drain, you’ll know how much debris, such as leaves, dirt, and rocks, can flow along in the water. All of this material going down into the storm drain will eventually start to build-up until it restricts and finally blocks the drainage. The drains will grow dirtier and dirtier each year they go without maintenance, and if you’ve experienced a severe storm recently, the problem will be accelerated. Regular maintenance from storm drain professionals will clear and clean out the drains so that the water does not back up into your home.

Another reason you need to have the outdoor drains maintained regularly is because a polluted storm drain can lead to pollution entering the nearby fresh water supply. Water from storm drains does not go through sewage treatment plants like the water that leaves a home through the sewer line. The amount of water that goes down a storm drain is too much for the regular sewer system, so the water instead goes out into lakes and rivers. Dirty drains can end up contaminating these fresh water supplies, which is bad for everybody. Help keep the environment clean with routine professional maintenance.

Finally, regular drain maintenance will discover cracks, breaks, and leaks in storm drains that can occur because of pressure and age.

You should schedule maintenance for the storm drains on your property once a year or after a major storm. Damage to storm drains, or worse, damage to your home, can be very expensive; maintenance is a small investment in preventing costly and distressing larger repairs.

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